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We are a full service Florida residential roofer and commercial Florida roofing company that believes in keeping it simple. Our customers want top quality roofing materials, expert installation, along with the lowest possible prices: and that’s what we provide. It’s not complex at all. We have built our success on delivering what we promise and standing behind our work. Our customers appreciate that type of honest, straightforward communication. Most Florida roofing companies can provide you with adequately installed roof, but we go the extra mile because our goal is complete and total customer satisfaction. Hercules Roofing is not trying to meet your expectations. We want to make you say wow!

We offer a variety of Florida roofing services:

Having a new roof installed is a significant investment, and we understand that trust is key when you are selecting your Florida roof installer. You can rest assured that our materials are sourced from industry leaders and come fully warrantied, and our seasoned tradesmen are all properly trained and certified to install your roofing system. Hercules Roofing is the Florida roofing contractor you can count on for top quality roofing work at affordable prices. We invite you to give us a call or contact through the website to learn more about our services.


South Florida Roof Maintenance: Get Your Roof Inspected By Hercules Roofing | July 10, 2012

Without a well-maintained roof, your home is vulnerable to a variety of issues, including structural damage, roof collapse, and leaks. While some problems can be repaired, it may at times make more sense to simply replace your roof altogether. If you suspect that your roof needs replacement for any reason, the first thing you should […]

South Florida Roof Leak Repair: What to Do if Your Roof is Damaged During a Hurricane or Summer Storm | July 3, 2012

Roofing damage can be hard to detect since it’s not always immediately visible. It can often be impossible to detect leaks unless you are a trained roofing professional who knows what to look for. The chance of your roof suffering damage increases, of course, after a hurricane or summer storm. For this reason, it is […]

South Florida Roofing: How Hurricane Force Wind Can Damage Florida Roofing | June 26, 2012

In Florida, hurricanes are a part of life. Although sometimes there’s enough advance warning to prepare for the onset of heavy winds and torrential rains, each hurricane brings with it the possibility of severe property damage. Here is a look at how hurricane force wind can damage your home’s roofing. Leaks As every Florida resident […]

South Florida Roofing Contractor: Hurricane Roof Preparedness Resources | June 19, 2012

Check out the pages below to learn how torrential downpours can affect your roof and how different roofing systems stand up to hurricane season. Contact Hercules Roofing, based in South Florida at (561) 955-9889 for more information on these topics. Visit this article from FrontDoor.com to learn how to re-roofing your home can add value […]

South Florida Roofing: Torrential Rains and What They Mean For Your Roof | June 12, 2012

Florida residents, especially South Florida homeowners, are well-acquainted with summer rainstorms, and that includes the rain that can come with tropical storms and hurricanes. Your roof is the first line of defense that stands between your home and the rain. If your roof has not been maintained within the last year or has storm damage […]

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