What To Do After A Hurricane

Preventing storm damage

What To Do After A Hurricane

Hurricane Irma is expected to cost Floridian homeowners more than $19 billion by the time all repairs are complete, and that’s not counting damage in other states or the Caribbean. Even though the storm didn’t bring the brutal winds and rain meteorologists were fearing, the damage was still remarkable. Unfortunately, hurricane season isn’t until Nov. 30, so our area may see more storms before the end of the year. There’s a lot of advice about what to do before a storm, but what steps should you take once you’re able to assess your home or business?

Safety First

First things first: Don’t survey your property until it’s safe to do so. If you’ve evacuated and are returning to the area, wait until local authorities have given your neighborhood an all-clear. If you’ve stayed in your home during the storm, be cautious. Even though the worst of the storm will have passed, you’ll still need to watch for downed power lines and damaged trees, which can still fall after the storm is over.

Take pictures of your property

Ideally, you’ll have taken pictures of your property before the storm to compare, but even if you didn’t, you’ll still need proof of damage for your insurance company. Be meticulous and don’t rush through your documentation, as you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss anything. Your roof is one of the most susceptible parts of your property when it comes to strong winds. Grab a pair of binoculars and take a good look at your roof for missing shingles or any damage from debris.

Don’t value your home or business over your safety

Did you know deaths are most likely after a hurricane, not during? Even if you make it through the storm with no injury, you’re still in a risky spot after the storm passes and the power returns. You may be tempted to climb a ladder and inspect for any roofing damage, but it’s important to be careful before making any dangerous decisions. As we mentioned before, trees and debris can still be a liability even after the weather has cleared. It’s wise to call professionals who are licensed, insured and prepared for potentially risky situations.

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