What Color of Roof Tiles Should You Choose?

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What Color of Roof Tiles Should You Choose?

Choosing a color for your roof.

Choosing a roof tile color is an essential facet and reflection of your home. A roof is up to 40% of your homes visible exterior, making choosing the color a significant investment for your home. What things should you consider and weigh when choosing a color for roof tiles? Here, we give you a few tips to consider when choosing the right color for your home.

Consider the Climate Your Live In

A significant factor when choosing a color for your roof tiles is the climate and area in which you live. Do you live in more tropical and sunny climates, or those prone to cold and snow? Dark colors tend to hold and retain heat much more readily than lighter colors, which in turn radiate into your home. Leading to your cooling costs rising in warmer months as AC units work harder to keep your home cool. A lighter roof will reflect and absorb much less heat making your home more energy efficient. Similarly, dark colors in colder climates will help keep your home warmer in colder months.

Color Coordination and Architecture

It’s also important to pay attention to the exterior color of your home and the existing architecture. The right coordinating colors and styles add an incredible amount of depth and curb appeal that can heighten the value of your home. You want to choose a color that compliments the color of your home. Brighter colors tend to accent better with black, gray, or brown colored tiles. Consider painting your house too if the color you like clashes with that of your home.

Just as important as the exterior color is the style of architecture of your home. It’s better to stick to colors that match well with Victorian, Plantation, or Mediterranean homes to keep the aesthetic that these homes create. Clashing colors will take away from the look of these style of homes and the classic appearance they are meant to convey. Choosing the right color can help emphasize flattering portions of your home while concealing unflattering aspects.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Before making the decision, take a second and look around your neighborhood. What are the general trends that you observe from your neighbor’s roofs? You want to pick something that doesn’t clash with your neighbors’ homes, who will have to live with your color choice just as much as you. Look at the natural surroundings too, factoring in seasonal color changes in contrast to your home.

Are you choosing to make a statement? Check to make sure that statement doesn’t go against the homeowners association. Consider how your color choice will affect the resale value of your home and your neighbors’.

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Choosing a color for roof tiles is a long-term and important decision that will not only impact you but your neighbors, home value, aesthetics, and heating and cooling costs. We, at Hercules Roofing, are here to help you make this choice with our professional and detail-oriented staff.

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