South Florida Roofing: What to Consider When Installing A New Roof In Florida

South Florida Roofing: What to Consider When Installing A New Roof In Florida

The diverse weather conditions in Florida require a roof that can hold up to a variety of forces. A superior material will reduce overall roof maintenance and provide additional household benefits.  Researching new roof replacement strategies can make it easier to keep your home protected in every season. Here are a few things to consider when installing a new roof in Florida:

Wind-Resistant Materials
The tropical climate of Florida is no stranger to hurricane winds. Choosing a new roofing material with superior wind resistance is a great way to invest in your home. Asphalt shingles are affordable and visually versatile. However, this standard option only provides protection against winds near 70 miles per hour. Metal roofs offer greater wind resistance, reduced maintenance, and grater durability. A metal roof is also less likely to be damaged by wind-powered debris. Similarly, the weight of tile roofing materials provides reliable service under vigorous wind pressure.

Skylights and Features
A roof upgrade doesn’t have to be purely about maintenance. Take the opportunity to add a cosmetic upgrade as well. Skylights add an elegant, natural light to a room that can’t be reproduced by any interior lighting strategy. The right placement of a skylight can even add value to a home that you are planning to sell. Utilizing an ample source of natural light can also reduce your dependence on electrical lighting during the day. Additional upgrades like automatic moisture sensors allow homeowners to enjoy the breeze from roof windows without having to worry about sudden showers.

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