South Florida Roofing: The Importance of Getting a Pre-Storm Roofing Inspection

South Florida Roofing: The Importance of Getting a Pre-Storm Roofing Inspection

The start of hurricane season is upon us now, but roof-rattling storms are possible at any time of the year in Florida. To make sure that your home is always prepared to take on a serious storm, make sure to have your roof inspected right away by an expert Florida roofing contractor. Here are just a few reasons to have a pre-storm roofing inspection right away.

1. Prevent Leaks and Water Damage

The risk of having a roofing leak increases dramatically during periods of heavy rainfall, so preparing your roof to handle large amounts of water is essential to making it through a storm without any leaks. Also, keep in mind that roofing leaks and subsequent water damage get worse with time and prolonged exposure. The longer it takes for you to identify a roof leak, the more damage you’re likely to have.

2. Maintain Your Roof Warranty
Many roofs installed in the West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton areas come with warranties designed to protect homeowners from hurricanes and heavy winds, and also guarantee a pre-specified lifespan. However, lack of proper maintenance can cause your warranty to be voided, which means you’ll have to pay out of pocket for your new roof. Avoid this problem by catching repairable problems right away with an inspection from your local roofing expert.

3. Ensure Insurance Coverage
Your home may carry insurance against hurricane or other types of storm-related damage, but this insurance may be worthless if your insurance company finds signs of poor roof maintenance. To keep your insurance policy valid, have your roof inspected before severe weather to ensure that it isn’t at risk of roof damage that would void your insurance coverage.

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