South Florida Roofing: How a Roofing Contractor Spots Common Unseen Roof Problems

South Florida Roofing: How a Roofing Contractor Spots Common Unseen Roof Problems

Not all roof damage is as evident as a torn opening or worn shingles. However, the unseen roof issues are often those that pose the greatest risk to your home. Here are a few common roof problems that may not be easy to see:

Moisture Problems
A myriad of water-related problems can cause issues for your commercial or residential roof. Harsh Florida winds can force excess moisture under your shingles and form wet spots. Moisture that sits beneath the roof eventually appears as an ugly mark on your interior ceiling. The same moisture can deteriorate granular materials beneath shingles and leave your roof in need of serious repairs.

Mold Growth
Damaged roofs are much more likely to fall prey to leaks. A persistent leak will lead to stagnant water in attics or overhead crawlspaces. These dark, damp settings are perfect settings for mold generation. A tiny patch can expand to a full colony within a few weeks. Spores from this growth travel quickly through ventilation systems, spreading to rooms where they can be easily inhaled. The symptoms resulting from spore inhalation range in severity from minor discomfort to neurological damage.

Ventilation Issues
Exposure to the elements can quickly lead to blockages in the ventilation system. Hail damage, leaves, and storm debris can easily clog the vents necessary for a properly functioning HVAC system. This blockage may redirect toxic carbon monoxide (CO) into your living spaces. The CDC reports over 400 Americans dying from CO symptoms annually. A regular roof checkup from professionals like Hercules Roofing of South Florida ensures these dangerous blocks won’t take place.

With a call to (561) 955-9889, you can schedule your home or business for a free quote. If you address issues early with professional inspections, you can avoid the need for expensive roof replacement.

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