South Florida Roofing: Common Roof Leak Locations

South Florida Roofing: Common Roof Leak Locations

Leaks can form almost anywhere across your roof, but there are a few typical areas that are prone to leakage, given the right conditions. Knowing where to look can help you find a leak early and have it repaired by a roofer before it gets worse.

  • Flanges, Joints, and Flashing: Roofing that is aged or wasn’t properly installed can be predisposed to leaking near flanges, around joints, or within the flashing. By today’s standards, these areas would be reinforced by a qualified roofing contractor. Double check these problem areas on older roofs that have weathered several years’ worth of seasons.
  • Gutters: Gutters in disrepair or that haven’t been cleaned tend to harbor areas of moisture buildup and standing water. Over time, this moisture will seep inside and begin working away at the roofing material. Eventually, this can evolve into a leak.
  • Weakened Spots: The most common leak locations are anywhere your roofing materials have been weakened. Storm damage, previous leaks, and torn shingles are all examples of weaknesses where water can get in and start a leak.

Spotting a Leak

The quirk of roof leaks is they aren’t always directly where moisture is beginning to infiltrate your home. Discolored walls or ceiling panels indicate where water has accumulated from a leak, but water often runs down the inside of a roof for a ways before it drips to the attic floor and then into the ceiling or walls of your home.

The best way to treat leaks is to call a qualified roofing contractor and have a thorough inspection and repair performed. These professionals can spot leaks and potential problem areas and address them accordingly.

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