South Florida Roof Leak Repair: What to Do if Your Roof is Damaged During a Hurricane or Summer Storm

Roof damage from South Florida Hurricane Season.

South Florida Roof Leak Repair: What to Do if Your Roof is Damaged During a Hurricane or Summer Storm

Roofing damage can be hard to detect since it’s not always immediately visible. It can often be impossible to detect leaks unless you are a trained roofing professional who knows what to look for. The chance of your roof suffering damage increases, of course, after a hurricane or summer storm. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you take steps to address potential roof damage after severe weather events. Here is what you should do if your Florida home’s roof is damaged during a summer storm or hurricane.

  • Corrective Maintenance
    The first thing you should do is call a professional roofing contractor to undertake corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance begins with a thorough inspection of your home and roofing for damage and leaks. Once all of the problems have been assessed, a professional repair crew will set out to repair any damage. Corrective maintenance is critical for a lot of reasons. First, left unattended, even small leaks can cause catastrophic damage to your home. In addition to structural damage, leaks can cause roof collapses and mold growth, putting you and your family in danger.
  • Roof Rejuvenation
    While corrective maintenance is important on its own, chances are there’s sure to be another severe storm or hurricane in the near future. Without the proper precautions, your roofing could be damaged in the same manner. Roof rejuvenation is a great way to go beyond corrective maintenance and add strength to you roof. During roof rejuvenation, a professional crew will go through a process of demolding, demossing, crack repair, and recoating in order to ensure that your roof is better prepared to deal with future storms.
  • Consider Metal Roofing
    If you find yourself constantly paying large sums of money to repair your conventional roof after storms, it might be time for you to consider metal roofing. Unlike conventional roofs, metal roofing requires essentially zero maintenance and is environmentally friendly and leak proof. This means that once you install metal roofing, you won’t have to worry about post-hurricane repairs.

Don’t let roof damage ruin your summer. If you suspect that your home has suffered damage due to a summer storm or hurricane, call a professional roof technician today and start the process of maintenance and rejuvenation. If you want to know more about our roof repair services, call Hercules Roofing based in Florida, at (561) 955-9889.

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