Roof Replacement To Save Energy

Roof Replacement To Save Energy

Roof Replacement To Save Energy

When it gets cold outside, it can affect the energy costs of your home, whether you’re aware of it or not.  As you continue to look for ways to keep your energy bill down in the nippy weather, remember that your roof can be a main source of heat loss.  So, why don’t you ask yourself, “is it time for a roof replacement?

The Cost of Your Old Roof

When your hat has holes in it, extreme amounts of heat can escape through those holes, keeping you from being as warm as you ought to be.  Just as you fail to keep warm with a flawed hat, so too does your home fail to keep warm with a flawed roof – and chances are you’re losing tons of money on your energy bills because of it!

Leaky Roof and Your Health

The health of you and your family is another factor to consider, when thinking about doing a roof replacement.  Over time, holes can develop in your roof, causing water to leak into your home…

which can lead to mold and bacteria overgrowth…

which can lead to contaminated air…

which can lead to allergy problems and respiratory infections for you and your family.

What a New Roof is Worth

The main reason why replacing your roof is a smart investment is that it will help lower your energy bills, drastically.  Secondly, it makes the task of selling your home much easier.  It is said that up to 40% of your home’s selling appeal is your roof.  While a roof is a more subtle part of a home, it nevertheless, can be a staple selling point, if it is in great shape.

Generally, a roofing replacement can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $17,000 depending on the climate you live in.

Hiring a Contractor for the Job

Sometimes, contractors can get away with doing mediocre to poor-quality work, because the signs often don’t show on the roof for many years.  This is why you must be extremely cautious when looking for the right contractor.  Be sure to:

  • See their qualifications
  • See samples of their past work
  • Ask for references
  • Ask what their warranty covers

Replacement Roofing Accessories

Leak barriers – A good roofing contractor will lay down a waterproof leak barrier, as well as an additional layer of protection from the elements, sometimes called “roof deck protection.” Once this foundation is put down, then your shingles will be installed.

Attic ventilation – Without this key accessories the hot sun has the potential to bake your shingles, and in the winter time, hot moist air can get trapped in the attic, moistening your insulation, and increase your energy bill.

Sky lights – There are special solar sky on the market that can help you save money on your energy bill.  If you were ever thinking of having them installed, now is the time to ask your contractor.

Many homeowners don’t realize that they need a roof replacement, until it’s too late!  If you’re thinking about a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Hercules Roofing, your Florida roofing experts.

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