Residential Roof Leak Detection

Don’t tolerate a leaky roof for one more day! From a damp ceiling to a hole in your roof letting rain puddle in your living room, Hercules Roofing, Palm Beach County’s leading roof repair contractor is standing by to assist you with all residential roofing and water leak detection needs. We specialize in roofing services to prevent and repair roof leaks.

We Specialize In Roofing Services To Prevent and Repair Roof Leaks

Over time, even the best roofing system can develop problems. The good news is that we can replace shingles and repair a leaky roof caused by wind damage, hail damage or general wear and tear. If your roof needs to be replaced, we provide quality roof installations and roofing services.

Repairing a leak may be as simple as troweling roofing cement over old, cracked flashing, or as involved as replacing fractured or rotted rafters and rotted decking. Hercules Roofing experts can handle any roof leak repair, including replacing a large area of wind-torn shingles. We make every effort to match existing shingle color and texture as closely as possible with the first glance of water leak detection. Call a professional roof leak company at the first sign of a leak to get a roofing contractor out there right away!

Roofer beginning roof repair project for Hercules Roofing.

Call A Professional At The First Sign Of A Leak

Before tackling a roof leak, we take care to determine the location and nature of the leak. Water leak detection is more comfortable if the rafters and underside of your roof deck are exposed. However, water leaks can be frustratingly deceptive. The spot where water stains and dampness may be visible is often some distance from the actual roof damage.

Professional roofing contractors like Hercules Roofing know the tricks that water can play, so don’t risk your safety by climbing onto your roof to search for the source of the leak yourself. Water can’t run uphill, so leaks on a pitched roof cannot be lower than where you see evidence of a leak. Water can enter through exposed nail holes or a section of roof missing shingles. It can travel over old layers of roof and roofing felt until it reaches a gap or tears where it can penetrate to the roof deck. From there, it may run over the plywood until it crosses a joint – after which it may resume its journey along a rafter or the underside of the decking.

Hercules Roofing provides fast, reliable leak detection and roof leak repair services for Florida residents.

  • Our leak repair services provide you with:
  • Roof leak inspections
  • Progressive analysis of your roof’s current conditions
  • 24-hour emergency leak repair services
  • Repair of your shingles, gutters, flashing, and masonry with the most state-of-the-art roof leak equipment

Florida homeowners call today for an estimate for the quality repair of your roof!

Have Residential Roofing Questions?

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