Maintaining A Shingle Roof

Maintaining A Shingle Roof

Maintaining A Shingle Roof

Sure, your shingles might look nice, but are they going to last?  Will they help prevent leaks?  Whether you have the most expensive shingles on the market, or some very cost effective ones, practicing proper shingle maintenance is the key to maximizing their lifespan and efficiency.

Clean out your gutters, drain pipes, valleys and downspouts, annually

Build-ups in these areas cause drainage problems, which causing mold and leakage.  Pay special attention to areas where leaves accumulate, because as they decompose, they will cause your shingles to deteriorate. Buildups cause drainage problems which lead to mold and leaks.

Inspect metal flashing

These can become dented over time from falling acorns and rocks, sticks, and other debris.

Have a roofing contractor do an occasional “tune-up”

An occasional “tune-up” by a licensed and qualified roofing contractor can extend the life of the roof significantly, as they can properly deal with curled and rotting shingles.

Avoid fastening items to your roof

Shingles are attached to the timber roof frame by large roofing nails, but they are not always strong enough to hold up satellite dishes and the like.   If you do attach something to the roof, make sure it’s located as close to a flat surface as possible – as this will prevent pulling on the shingles.

Make sure your roof is well-ventilated

A ridge vent installed in the center part of the roof is one way of making it well-ventilated.  If a ridge vent is not installed, your shingles could suffer from mineral loss and mold growth.

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