Inspecting Your Roof As Hurricane Season Approaches

Inspecting Your Roof as Hurricane Season approaches.

Inspecting Your Roof As Hurricane Season Approaches

Hurricane season is not something that you walk into blindly. Being prepared and ready for any and all situations is the only way to fully protect yourself from the unpredictability of a storm. Your house is no longer just the place you live, it becomes your first line of defense. As a homeowner, it is your duty to inspect and ensure that your house is capable to withstand storm force winds and rain. Luckily, the team at Hercules Roofing has provided you with the correct way to inspect your roof as the 2018 Hurricane Season approaches.

Check your shingles

The winds of a hurricane are not a force to reckon with. You need to make certain that everything on your roof that has the ability to come loose won’t budge. Nailing down or caulking your shingles can help secure any shingles that may have the potential to fly off during the storm. If not fully set in place, loose shingles will create a threat to your home and the safety of you and your family.

Clear your gutter

Your drainage system is a big factor of protection during a hurricane. We often forget that clearing out a clogged gutter is vital to ensure that the monstrous loads of rain will be shed from your roof. Before it is too late, clean out and clear your gutters of any debris that has accumulated over time. A clogged gutter will ineffectively drain the rainwater from the storm and cause major problems. Making sure that there is a clear pathway for stormwater to accumulate and drain out will protect your roof from damage.

Get your roof inspected

The most essential and smart way to take on hurricane season head-on is to hire a licensed roofing professional to inspect your roof. A professional has the knowledge and capabilities to check if your roof is prepared for upcoming hurricane conditions. After inspecting all aspects of your roof, a detailed report will be given notifying you of any problems that need to your attention. Hiring an experienced team of specialists will take away the uneasy and vulnerable feeling that hurricanes leave us with.

Prepare for this hurricane season with the help of Hercules Roofing

Hurricane season is stressful, to say the least. While you’re off buying batteries and nonperishable food, trust the team at Hercules Roofing to inspect your roof before a hurricane hits. Hiring a professional will help take that stress off your hands. The team at Hercules Roofing takes pride in our ability to use our resources and expertise to find the best solution to your roofing issues. Put your safety in our hands. Call us at (561) 562-4992 or contact us here for a free estimate!

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