How To Take Care Of Your Roof During A Florida Winter

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How To Take Care Of Your Roof During A Florida Winter

Winter starts Dec. 21, so it’s time to get your parka and gloves ready. Just kidding – we live in Florida, so our winter prep usually consists of wearing closed-toe shoes instead of flip-flops.

Even though the change in the season won’t bring any drastic differences to our state’s forecasts, you’ll still need to be mindful of how winter will impact your roof. Let’s explore how you can take care of your roof during a Florida winter.

Examine Your Roof

Sure, you won’t have to worry about snowflakes or ice during Florida winter, but you should always be aware of how the weather is affecting your roof. You can usually expect most of Florida’s torrential downpours in spring and summer, but you should make sure you haven’t fallen susceptible to any leaks. Additionally, check for tree branches and other debris that can fall at any given time.

Clean Your Gutters

Check your roof’s gutters for any debris or clogging before winter hits. If your roof gutters overflow during winter, you’ll have a mess that could even potentially ruin your landscaping. Trees shed leaves year-round, and experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least once every three months, which equates to once per season. Be careful, though: If you aren’t a professional, you may risk serious injury as you clean your gutters. It’s best to call in help.

Schedule An Inspection

Invite a licensed contractor to your home to help protect your peace of mind and the integrity of your roof. Some problems may not be visible to your naked eye, so it’s essential to get an expert’s opinion on the state of your roof. Preventative care is always best, especially when dealing with one of the most important investments you’ve made into your home.

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