How to Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

storm damage to roof

How to Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

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Your roof is one of the first lines of defense in your home’s safety. Every day your roof protects against wind, rain, and heat. Over time, these elements can damage your roof and leave your home exposed. In most cases, your roof’s deteriorating condition is not always evident so you have to take action as quickly as possible to avoid compromising your home.

The best way to protect your roof from storm damage is by taking preventative action. A leak or tear may be unnoticeable for weeks and it will only get worse in the meantime, so regularly checking around your home is important.

1) Inspect outside

Damages to your roof damage can be difficult to find, most are thin cracks or loose shingles. Especially after a severe storm, rain and wind can cause these problem areas to escalate and lead to leaks. In case of heavy winds, make sure to keep an eye out for damaged shingles and siding. It might seem insignificant but it can open up the possibilities of further damage.

2) Watch out for trees

Watch out for any trees or branches that hang over your home, Before a storm remove any loose or hanging branches that can hit against windows or onto a roof. Regularly trim trees to avoid costly damages in the future. Strong winds can cause tree limbs to fall on your roof which may penetrate the surface. Also, leaves can clog your gutters and if left unattended, then water will not drain and possibly break the gutter itself. If you have a ladder, consider cleaning out your gutters – which can take easily take minutes.

3) Water damage

After rainfall, check that your gutters are free-flowing and that the downspouts are angled away from your home’s foundation and into a drain or ditch. Water damage can easily turn into flooding during a storm, which can be costly.

The surface of your roof should be clear so that water can easily run off, but use caution. Walking on your roof, especially after rain, is dangerous and improper practices can cause further damage to your home.
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