Flat Roof Leak: How To Deal With It

Flat Roof Leak: How To Deal With It

First Things to Do When Your Flat Roof Starts Leaking…

  • Set up buckets to collect the leaking water, so that it does not cause any more damage to the interior.
  • Put a tarp on your roof to prevent water from making contact with the roof in the first place
  • Estimate the cost of your flat roof repair: what does it entail?  Can I ignore the problem any longer?  Answering these questions will help you determine whether or not it’s feasible to do the repair yourself, or if you need a professional.

The bottom line is that while sometimes you can adequately repair the flat roof yourself, more often than not, you’re going to need a professional to do the repair, or replace the roof entirely.

“Patching” Is Usually Not a Good Fix

When you begin to see staining on the ceiling in your bedroom, it is the last stage of the leak.  Your roof had been leaking for quite a while, and after a heavy rain, it showed up on that ceiling.  Water had to completely soak the insulation, roof deck and rafters before you could see that ugly yellowish stain. So, if you choose the cheapest and most common solution: a simple patching, your roof will leave behind the moisture trapped under the under your roof. This will cause the rotting of your deck and rafters, since there is no way for that water to escape.  Patching is only a temporary fix and usually won’t last, the roof will keep on leaking, and every time you patch it, you throw away your money.

The Continuous Cycle

Sure, you think a little tar here and there will fill fix the problem, until the tar starts to crack, and new leaks form.  You patch up the holes again, only to find that sooner or later, your roofs continues to leak.  You are now faced with a choice to let the cycle continue and cause further damage to the inside of your home, or…

Take Action!

  • Only hire a roofing contractor – not just a handy-man. You need an expert, who knows the aspects of flat roof repair, not a jack-of-all-trades.
  • Talk to friends, family and neighbors about the problem – those with flat roofs especially.
  • Contact Hercules Roofing, your full-service south Florida roofers!

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