5 Tips To Keep Your Roof in Great Shape

5 Tips To Keep Your Roof in Great Shape

5 Tips To Keep Your Roof in Great Shape

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You have a roof over your head- now it’s time to keep it that way and prolong its lifespan! Taking care of your roof can be valuable in the long run in saving you time and money for replacing your roof. Here at Hercules Roofing, we want to help you with all your roofing needs by helping you keep your roof for longer. Here is our list of top recommendations for maintaining your roof to be in great shape for years to come:

5 Tips For a Great Roof:

1.)Clean Off Debris

Cleaning your roof about every year can decrease the likelihood of bacteria buildup. Make sure to clear your gutters of debris and anything else that can get stuck and restrict the flow of water.

2.)Observe Any Changes

We recommend making frequent inspections and observations of your roof in order to not miss any defects that could compromise the integrity of your roof in fully protecting your home. Notice when you see any missing or damaged areas of your roof, and call the professionals at Hercules Roofing to assess the damage and potential threat.

3.)Upkeep Surrounding Area

Many homeowners in South Florida have trees and other large plants in the surrounding yard of their homes. The low hanging branches can pose a potential threat when storms strike the area. Lessen the likelihood of roof damage from falling branches and debris, by cutting back the surrounding vegetation.

4.)Prevent Roof Breakdown

Check for rust buildup on any areas of your roof that are metal. Rust can lead to roof breakdown and to more frequent repairs if not cared for. If you do notice your roof appears to have small areas with rust, you can use a wire-brush to easily remove it.

5.)Prepare For The Future

Hercules Roofing can service all your roofing needs; we offer a variety of services including roof repair, maintenance, replacement, as well as leak detection. We are committed to maintaining your roof to ensure your safety and security inside the home. If you notice damaged areas of your roof, don’t wait to call so we can assess the damage and prevent further breakdown of your roof.

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Any type of roof can last longer with the help of small home maintenance checks. Your roof has a significant role in securing your home against the South Florida elements- make sure you get the greatest amount of protection for longer! Call Hercules Roofing today at (561)-220-9998 for a free estimate or send us a message on our online forum to learn more about our services.

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