3 Tips to Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof

Roof Maintenance

3 Tips to Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof

Destruction of your roof after a few months of its installation is something that no homeowner wants to face. However, if it does occur, there could be various reasons behind this dilapidation. The major culprit that is often ignored is the insufficient care of the shingles.

Here are three effective ways for prolonging the life and value of your roof:

Inspect Thoroughly


The first step that you should take to ensure a sturdy and durable roof is maintaining an extensive inspection routine. If left uninspected, a number of things can go wrong, shortening the life of your roof.  

During the inspection, you need to consider the skylights. Often, debris gets stuck around the skylight, allowing the seals around them to loosen, thus permitting water and moisture to enter into your home, resulting in the degradation of the roof.

You should also check the sealing around the ventilation systems and the chimneys. Proper sealing is essential in these areas to keep moisture at bay. Also, sufficient care should be taken when you’re getting the shingles repaired.

Ensure Cleanliness


A dirty roof is prone to pests and damage. Therefore, in order to maintain the longevity of your roof, you need to ensure its cleanliness. Remove debris from the roofing as a priority since it entraps moisture, which is a major cause for damaged shingles and roof structures.

Moreover, as debris blocks water flow in the gutters, the stagnant water can give birth to viruses, pests, fungus, and algae, in addition to destroying the roof’s structure. Thus, if there is fungal and algal growth on your roof, use a good bleaching solution. This will increase the lifespan of your roof as well.

Removing the damaging objects


There are several materials that might accumulate on and destroy your roof. This includes snow, as it adds weight to the roof, leading to cracking and ultimately, leaking. Moreover, when it melts, it weakens the roofing structure, irrespective of how well it is built.

Another essential precaution is to prevent damage occurring due to falling tree branches. Removing any hanging branches will also help the roof dry up faster after it rains.

These precautionary measures are bound to keep your roof safe from damage. However, in case the damage has already been done and you are in need of professional help, hire the services of Hercules roofing.

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