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South Florida Roofing: Common Roof Leak Locations

Leaks can form almost anywhere across your roof, but there are a few typical areas that are prone to leakage, given the right conditions. Knowing where to look can help you find a leak early and have it repaired by a roofer before it gets worse. Flanges, Joints, and Flashing: Roofing that is aged or wasn’t properly installed can be predisposed to leaking near flanges, around joints, or within the flashing. By today’s standards, these areas would be reinforced by [...]


South Florida Roofing: What to Consider When Having Your Home Re-Roofed

Installing a new roof increases the lifespan of your home and can even boost its value and appeal. A good roofer can help you get the most out of a new roof, especially if you have an idea of what materials to use and you locate a quality roofing contractor. Roofing Materials If you’re simply doing repairs to your home, then you likely want to use the same materials in order to mask any work done. However, if you’re planning on [...]


South Florida Roofing: Spanish Tile Roof Replacement

Hercules Roofing recently finished this roof replacement (see photos below) in Palm Beach County Florida. This house was undergoing extensive renovations, including the addition of a second floor. The homeowner wanted a roof that reflected the new elegance of the house and chose a beautiful Spanish tile roof. Hercules Roofing has had many customers in the past few months choose a Spanish tile roof. These tiles can give a house a more elegant feel and a “Southern” look. We work [...]