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South Florida Roofing: New Shake Tile Roof Completed

  Hercules Roofing recently finished this roof replacement (see photos below) in Boca Raton, Florida. This house had an old faded Terra Cotta concrete tile and the owner was looking to make a bold change. The homeowner chose a Hanson Roof Tile Chalet Shake in a Midnight Color. The customer also made two other major changes to the outside of their house. The first they painted their house with colors to match the new look of the house. Painting a house [...]


South Florida Roofing: Take Care of Your Roof; Save Your Home

  I’d just eaten my Thanksgiving dinner when I came across this article “Take Care of Your Roof; Save Your Home” from, which contains some common sense advice for maintaining your South Florida roof, including inspecting your roof for: checking the roof framing structure, inspecting the gutters and making sure they are fastened correctly, check the valleys of the roof for debris or leaks, etc. Of course, if you’re not comfortable checking your roof, you should contact a qualified, expert [...]