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DIY Flat Roof Repair

DIY Flat Roof Repair Unless you have a great deal of experience in roofing, it’s not recommended that you fix a flat roof yourself.  If you find a leak in your flat roof, if vital that it be prepaired properly because even the smallest blister will allow water to get underneath the surface and cause a great deal of damage.  If you’re confident in your roofing skills and are up to the challenge here is an outline of how you [...]


DIY Roofing Inspections

DIY Roofing Inspections When there’s a real problem with your roof, it’s best to hire an expert to take a look at it, but it’s always good practice for you to get up there periodically, just to see if everything is working the way it should.  After all, the damage from an ineffectively covered roof can be a major inconvenience to your family, and a great deal of money out of your pocket.  So, here are a few components you [...]