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Caring For a Tile Roof

Caring For a Tile Roof A tile roof adds a sense of elegance and charm to a home, but as you probably know, the tiles tend to break easily.  Being a tile roof owner, you ought to be pro-active in caring for your roof in order to protect your investment, and keep your family safe from the elements.  This is not a difficult task by any means, but for long-term tile roof preservation, it must be done properly.    [...]


Roof Replacement To Save Energy

Roof Replacement To Save Energy When it gets cold outside, it can affect the energy costs of your home, whether you’re aware of it or not.  As you continue to look for ways to keep your energy bill down in the nippy weather, remember that your roof can be a main source of heat loss.  So, why don’t you ask yourself, “is it time for a roof replacement? The Cost of Your Old Roof When your hat has holes in it, extreme [...]


Maintaining A Shingle Roof

Maintaining A Shingle Roof Sure, your shingles might look nice, but are they going to last?  Will they help prevent leaks?  Whether you have the most expensive shingles on the market, or some very cost effective ones, practicing proper shingle maintenance is the key to maximizing their lifespan and efficiency. Clean out your gutters, drain pipes, valleys and downspouts, annually Build-ups in these areas cause drainage problems, which causing mold and leakage.  Pay special attention to areas where leaves accumulate, because [...]