How To Avoid Roof Damage: A Homeowner’s Guide Simply put, the main secret to avoiding damage to your roof is to be proactive about the health of your roof. Being attentive to the needs of your roof is easy, you don’t have to do it all that often, and it will save you a great

Equipping Your Roof for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is almost here in Florida, and many people seem to brave the brutal winds every year, without properly protecting their roofs. Since your roof is one of the most important elements of your home, why would you take this risk? Preparing your roof for a hurricane is vital, especially when you live around

How to Check if a Roofer Has a License

How to Check if a Roofer Has a License Looking for the perfect roofing contractor to work on your roof, can be an overwhelming task. It’s definitely not a good idea to call the closest or cheapest one you find. A Florida roofing contractor ought to be experienced and friendly, and they also should be
Here’s a quick run down of the some of the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most popular roofing materials in Florida. Composite Shingles Pros Very cost-effective proportionate to durability. Large number of brands, types and colors to choose from. Very fire-resistant. Some are made from recycled materials. Cons Has a tendency to blow
Going “Green” When it Comes to Roofing Materials Are you worried you’re not doing enough to minimize your carbon footprint on the earth? Maybe you simply want to save money on your monthly energy bills…whatever the case might be, a good avenue for achieving these things is by choosing the appropriate roofing material. All in

DIY Tile Roof Repair

DIY Tile Roof Repair Replacing your  broken roof tiles is a fairly easy task. Below you’ll find a common method that has been known to work quite conveniently. Things you’ll need: replacement tiles 2 flat pry bars 1. Position a pry bar under the top right tile, above the tile that is going to be

DIY Flat Roof Repair

DIY Flat Roof Repair Unless you have a great deal of experience in roofing, it’s not recommended that you fix a flat roof yourself.  If you find a leak in your flat roof, if vital that it be prepaired properly because even the smallest blister will allow water to get underneath the surface and cause

DIY Roofing Inspections

DIY Roofing Inspections When there’s a real problem with your roof, it’s best to hire an expert to take a look at it, but it’s always good practice for you to get up there periodically, just to see if everything is working the way it should.  After all, the damage from an ineffectively covered roof

Roofing Glossary

Roofing Glossary Asphalt – organic bituminous compound used in the manufacturing of composition shingles. Asphalt Roofing Cement – used to bond roofing materials Base Flashing – the piece  of the flashing which is attached to the roof deck Blend– mixtures of various colored granules on the surface of shingles Blind Nailing – nails hammered so

Before You Accept A Roof Warranty…

Before You Accept A Roof Warranty… If you aren’t told about a roof warranty when first talking to roofing contractors, don’t just assume that it’s included, because this definitely isn’t always the case.  Take the time to ask your roofing contractor specific questions: what type of warranty it is?  What it cover?  Etc. Things to