Follow these links to learn more about where leaks are prone to start in your roof and what to keep in mind when you’re having your home’s roof replaced. See how to spot leaky areas in a roof and how a shingle roof leak is repaired on this page from Visit to learn
Leaks can form almost anywhere across your roof, but there are a few typical areas that are prone to leakage, given the right conditions. Knowing where to look can help you find a leak early and have it repaired by a roofer before it gets worse. Flanges, Joints, and Flashing: Roofing that is aged or
Installing a new roof increases the lifespan of your home and can even boost its value and appeal. A good roofer can help you get the most out of a new roof, especially if you have an idea of what materials to use and you locate a quality roofing contractor. Roofing Materials If you’re simply
South Florida Roof Replacement - Spanish Tile Roof
Hercules Roofing recently finished this roof replacement (see photos below) in Palm Beach County Florida. This house was undergoing extensive renovations, including the addition of a second floor. The homeowner wanted a roof that reflected the new elegance of the house and chose a beautiful Spanish tile roof. Hercules Roofing has had many customers in
South Florida Roof Replacement
  Hercules Roofing recently finished this roof replacement (see photos below) in Boca Raton, Florida. This house had an old faded Terra Cotta concrete tile and the owner was looking to make a bold change. The homeowner chose a Hanson Roof Tile Chalet Shake in a Midnight Color. The customer also made two other major
  I’d just eaten my Thanksgiving dinner when I came across this article “Take Care of Your Roof; Save Your Home” from, which contains some common sense advice for maintaining your South Florida roof, including inspecting your roof for: checking the roof framing structure, inspecting the gutters and making sure they are fastened correctly,
3 Kinds of Roofing Shingles to Consider for Your Next Roofing Installation For people that aren’t roofers, shingles seem to be all the same – they think “a shingle’s a shingle.” Well, this is not exactly true. Although roofing shingles all serve the same purchase, they each possess different nuances in the way they’re manufactured, their
How To Avoid Roof Damage: A Homeowner’s Guide Simply put, the main secret to avoiding damage to your roof is to be proactive about the health of your roof. Being attentive to the needs of your roof is easy, you don’t have to do it all that often, and it will save you a great

Equipping Your Roof for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is almost here in Florida, and many people seem to brave the brutal winds every year, without properly protecting their roofs. Since your roof is one of the most important elements of your home, why would you take this risk? Preparing your roof for a hurricane is vital, especially when you live around

How to Check if a Roofer Has a License

How to Check if a Roofer Has a License Looking for the perfect roofing contractor to work on your roof, can be an overwhelming task. It’s definitely not a good idea to call the closest or cheapest one you find. A Florida roofing contractor ought to be experienced and friendly, and they also should be