Without a well-maintained roof, your home is vulnerable to a variety of issues, including structural damage, roof collapse, and leaks. While some problems can be repaired, it may at times make more sense to simply replace your roof altogether. If you suspect that your roof needs replacement for any reason, the first thing you should
In Florida, hurricanes are a part of life. Although sometimes there’s enough advance warning to prepare for the onset of heavy winds and torrential rains, each hurricane brings with it the possibility of severe property damage. Here is a look at how hurricane force wind can damage your home’s roofing. Leaks As every Florida resident
Check out the pages below to learn how torrential downpours can affect your roof and how different roofing systems stand up to hurricane season. Contact Hercules Roofing, based in South Florida at (561) 955-9889 for more information on these topics. Visit this article from FrontDoor.com to learn how to re-roofing your home can add value
Florida residents, especially South Florida homeowners, are well-acquainted with summer rainstorms, and that includes the rain that can come with tropical storms and hurricanes. Your roof is the first line of defense that stands between your home and the rain. If your roof has not been maintained within the last year or has storm damage
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The start of hurricane season is upon us now, but roof-rattling storms are possible at any time of the year in Florida. To make sure that your home is always prepared to take on a serious storm, make sure to have your roof inspected right away by an expert Florida roofing contractor. Here are just
Is your roof ready for hurricane season? As the temperature rises throughout the summer, the risk of hurricanes in Florida increases dramatically. To keep your home safe and comfortable during a hurricane, make sure that you have your roof prepared and maintained by a qualified, experienced Florida roofer. Here are some of the different roof-related
Installing a new roof is likely to be the biggest, most expensive single investment you make in your home. Because so much of your home’s comfort and value depends on the quality of your roofing, it’s important that you hire a great contractor to work on your roof. This video from Angie’s List (Hercules Roofing
If you’re looking for a great way to increase natural light in your home while adding an interesting decorative element, consider installing skylights. With so many different factors to consider when shopping for skylights, choosing the right kind for your home can be tough. Here are four factors to consider when choosing skylights for your
Your home’s roofing is essential to keeping your home comfortable and protected from the elements. However, many homeowners fail to properly maintain their roofs, which can lead to a number of serious issues down the road. Hercules Roofing, based in South Florida, can help you maintain your investment by providing professional preventative maintenance services for