Residential Roof Replacement

Residential roofs take a beating day after day. Weather, water, wind, sun exposure and even falling debris all cause damage, wear and tear to roofs. Insulation can break down, supports can weaken and leaks can cause havoc. But when do you know when you can merely repair or when you must replace your roof?

Some indications that your roof may need repair or replacement:

  • Shingle tabs are cupped, bald, torn or cracked
  • Shingle edges are curled
  • Your roof is at least 20 years old or other homes in the area that were built at the same time need roof repair
  • Your roof looks worn, has dark, greenish (algae) streaks or moss growing on it. Moss and algae can be removed but it is best to contact a professional contractor to avoid damage.
  • There’s an excessive amount of shingle granules, which look like large grains of sand) in the gutters
  • You can see blistering, buckling or rotting
  • From within the attic, you can see places where the roof deck is sagging, signs of water damage or leaking, dark spots and trails or outside light showing through the roof

Depending on the roof’s age, the existing material and the reason for the repair, a partial re-roofing could be an option. However, beware of being “penny-wise and pound foolish.” A partial re-roofing may save money in immediate materials but may cost more money in the long run.

Every steep slope roof has five components:

  1. Shingles, tile, slate or metal and the underlayment that protects the sheathing from weather
  2. Sheathing (boards attached to rafters to cover a house)
  3. Rafters and trusses to support the sheathing
  4. Flashing used at joints to prevent leaks
  5. The ability of the roof to shed water

With a partial re-roofing, you may end up fixing problems only detected in the top layers of the roof system. Problems with the sheathing or underlayment may go undetected and cause larger issues later. Also, if you replace a portion of the roof now, there’s always the risk that you won’t be able to match new and old color lots of tiles or other materials.

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